If you are using Media Browser server with your Kodi (XBMC) front end there is a new version of the addin available. Version 0.9.764 of Media Browser for Kodi has a new background data system which improves the performance and there is a new option to reduce image quality for low end devices.

There are also plenty of bug fixes in the update which gives you the features of Media Brower on XBMC which could be running on a PC, Mac or a Raspberry Pi.

Details from Media Browser:


0.9.764 of Media Browser for Kodi has been released! Below is the change log as well as a recap of 0.9.740 since that was a large and important release.


– Complete new ‘Background Data’ scheme – 2x speed increase – on by default
– Switch to built-in XBMC sorting (press left)
– Use new ‘Season’ information from server – big speed up for episodes
– Add option to use reduced image quality for low-end devices

Bug Fixes:

– Fix rotater thread when only one image exists
– Fix resume time displays
– Fix ‘Play all from here’ for Music Tracks
– Fix track order display for Music Tracks
– More profile change fixes

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