The ongoing saga to bring VLC to modern Windows continues as Microsoft have finally approved VLC for Windows Phone Beta. VLC is a fantastic all in one media player and has been available for other platforms for some time, it’s available for Intel versions of Windows 8.1 and is coming to Windows Phone soon. If you signed up for the beta last week you can now download and install the app on your Windows Phone.

The app looks very much like the Windows Store version with views for music, videos and an SD card browser. On my Lumia 1520 there is no audio when you playback media which is a bit of an issue for listening to music but it is a private beta and not ready for release yet. It has been a major effort by the development team just to get the app through the approval process and it is great to see the app on Windows Phone.

The development continues and hopefully it won’t be too long before it is on general release. If you signed up for the beta you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store.

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