If you do any presentations or run training sessions using Powerpoint you will want to have some way of moving from slide to slide, you could use a wireless mouse or you could try Inateck’s new laser pointer. The pointer has a USB receiver that you plug in to your PC and the pointer has Up, Down, Enter and Tab buttons and will work with Windows and Mac without any special drivers. The USB receiver is just about the size of a USB plug and can be stored in the pointer when not in use, Inateck say the range is up to 20 meters so it should work in a large conference room. It takes one AAA battery (which is not included) and is very light.

As it just emulates the standard keys it will work with any program, I tried it with PowerPoint and Internet Explorer and it works very well. It is responsive and the buttons do exactly what you expect them to do. There is no way to control the mouse pointer or anything like that but for moving back and forward through presentations its ideal and you have the laser pointer to highlight things on the screen. Holding down the buttons activates additional functions for example holding down the Tab button works as Alt-Tab so you can switch between different programs. Holding down Enter activates Shift-F4 which is the Windows close action.

If you do a lot of presentations and want to have freedom to move about then you should checkout the Inateck Pointer which is £14.99 from Amazon. I nice little stocking filler.


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