Plex for Android devices has been updated with a few nice new features. You now have support for playlists, improved playback notifications which have bigger art, improved usability of play queues and you can play continuous episodes from On Deck. On Android TV the app is integrated with the devices global search and there are new preferences for remote video quality and network logging.

This version requires a Plex Pass and a server running v0.9.11.1, the apps is free from the Google Play Store for pass subscribers. The standard paid version costs £2.92 from the Store.

What’s New


– Support for playlists (mobile layout and Android TV)

– Playback notifications now have bigger art and a dismiss button

– Settings now show each category in a new page

– Improved usability of play queues

– Play unwatched TV shows and seasons by default

– Play episodes from On Deck continuously

– Android TV:

– Integrate app with the device’s global search

– New preferences for remote video quality and network logging

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