OpenELEC 5.0 RC 3 released

Raspberry Pi

The 3rd release candidate of OpenELEC 5.0 has been published as the team get closer to the release version of the embedded KODI (XBMC) system. The version has updated core components including Kodi and the linux core. With OpeneELC you can turn a PC into a dedicated Media Center system based on the open source Kodi project.

Download links and full change log at


Updated core Components (summary) since OpenELEC 4.97.2

update to bcm2835-bootloader-2f9828c

update to bcm2835-driver-2f9828c

update to OpenELEC-settings-0.5.7

update to kodi-14-8fb5660

update to vdpauinfo-0.9

update to boost-1_57_0

update to libvdpau-0.9

update to xorg-server-1.16.3

update to ethtool-3.18

update to rpcbind-0.2.2

update to dbus-1.8.12

update to dosfstools-3.0.27

update to linux-3.17.7

update to kodi-pvr-addons-9f63d1b

update to arm-mem-2e6f275

update to connman-1.27

projects/RPi/patches/linux: update RPi support patch

projects/RPi/patches/kodi: update RPi support patch

IMX: Disable deinterlace by default (user can enable it manually)

imx6: fixup reboot

busybox: Increase the limit for the number of lines in less.

util-linux: specify more configure options, build with losetup and libsmartcol support

kodi: add patch to disable unsupported powerfunctions for iMX6 builds

projects/*/linux: build RTSX USB and PCIe cardreader drivers statically

init: warn on obvious KERNEL/SYSTEM mismatch

Build BCM2708 watchdog driver as module for RPi

linux: Port fixes for gpu hang to 3.17

projects/imx6/options: dont setup firmwares twice, readd BT firmwares, this fixes non working BT on cubox-i & co.


For a full changelog on what’s new, follow the link below:…4.97.3

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