Microsoft have a new Gestures app for Windows Phone that adds new gesture options to interact with your phone. The beta app enables you to automatically answer a call by just picking up the phone and putting it up to your ear. If you place your phone facing down while in a call it will mute the microphone, put in face up on a flat surface and it put the phone in speak mode. If you put the phone facedown while not in a call it will silence the phone.

It’s a neat idea and I seem to remember having something like that on Android a while ago. The app is free from the Windows Phone Store and Microsoft say there is limited functionality on the Lumia 630,635 and 530.

“Welcome to Gestures !

With Gestures you can control some of the functionalities of your phone without touching the display.

Our first release will enable you to control calls and silence your phone conveniently. You can:

– Answer a call by picking up your phone and putting it to you ear

– Mute your mic during a call by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing down

– Put the call on speaker by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing up

– Silence the phone by flipping it display down (if not in active call).

630, 635 and 530 have limited functionality.

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