Brian and the My Movies team have released details of the upcoming My Movies for iOS version 2. The app is an all new version which will come in a 50 titles limited free version and an unlimited paid version.

The app has a new redesigned interface with a flat design and is optimised for the high resolution displays so it is going to look much better on an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus than the old app. The app also supports new generic movie profiles so you are not restricted to just DVDs or Blu-rays and can now track digital movies or old VHS tapes. There is support for tracking digital copies of TV shows and Extended DVD and Blue-ray box sets. If you have My Movies 5 for Windows or My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solutions connect to your app you can download movies to the iOS device and then stream them to a Chromecast device.

If you had purchased the original version of My Movies for iOS that will continue to work but to get the new features you will have to buy the new version. You can read why and get the full details of the new features on the My Movies site.

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