MediaPortal 1.10.0 released

The MediaPortal team have released version 1.10 of the open source MediaPortal media center system. There is a new MediaPortal Extension Manager, there are updates to the client including an option to fix missing thumbnails and metadata and this release supports the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

More details on the Media Portal blog and here are useful links for you:


With this release we offer a number of Bug fixes and made some Improvements. To name a few: We added a Volume Overlay that can be seen in all screens and the MiniDisply plugin was updated with the SharpDisplayManager driver.

Highlights of this release


You’ll notice that after installing a dedicated TV Server, you now have the MediaPortal Extension Manager available to install the Server plugins.

For the Client part we added the possibility to update MediaInfo in a selected folder, the option to re-create all/missing thumbs (including subfolders) in MyPictures, an SQLite Database integrity check and to improve troubleshooting, we’ve added our WatchDog shortcut to your desktop.
The music section has had a rework to improve thumbnail handling and last but not least: This release can be installed on the Windows 10 Technical Preview.
Note: This only applies to the Preview builds with kernel 6 (for now)!


We also fixed a handful of Bugs like the warning for an incompatible skin, DVD resume, the Border selected program in the Radio EPG and we properly remove cancelled schedules from the TV database.
Because a lot of users reported issues with the MySQL upgrade path, we made some changes to this part. Existing installs still get the upgrade offered, but the database engine will remain as is (MyISAM). New installations will get the InnoDB database engine, since this is the default as of MySQL 5.6.

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