When Windows Vista was launched there was a chance that Microsoft may add some kind of app store to Windows Media Center that would support the 3rd party Media Center ecosystems, but that never happened and so I looked at coming up with a solution. Together with Media Center developer Andrew Cherry we came up with Made For Media Center an app store for Windows Media Center that had a web site where developers could upload their Media Center apps and then consumers could download the apps from the browser or via Windows Media Center addin. We had thousands of downloads during the Vista Media Center and Windows 7 Media Center time frame but the number of downloads has dropped off massively in the last few years and many of the addins are out of date so the time has come to close it down.

We are going to keep some of the resources around so many of the addins will still be available. I have setup Windows Media Center addin page where I will collate a list of addins available.

It has been a fun project to part of and many thanks to the developers that uploaded their apps and thanks to the many people that download apps for Windows Media Center, it’s been fun!

Head over to the page I setup on TDL for the new download links. The site will close down on Friday (December 12th).

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