DVBLogic have released version 5.1 of the DVBLink suite of products. The new release has support extra device firmware including Synology DSM5.1, Netgear 6.2.0 and ASUSTOR ADM2.3, “avoton” and “comcerto2k” Synology platforms.

Also new is DVBLink TV Adviser which is a personalized TV recommendations system. There are two versions, one for the UK and one for DE, AT and CH. You get EPG information and TV recommendations for around 280 channels. You can personalize the recommendations and it recommends TV shows based on shows you like. It is a subscription service for which you would pay 25 Euros for 12 months service. Going forward this means DVBLink EPG Loader will be discontinued.

DVBLink 5.1 is a free upgrade to 5.0 users and you can read the full details over on dvblogic.com.

Here is a video of DVBLink TV Adviser in action:

New features and fixes at a glance

DVBLink TV Adviser products

Support for Synology DSM5.1 firmware

Support for NETGEAR 6.2.0 firmware

Support for ASUSTOR ADM2.3 firmware

Support for “avoton” and “comcerto2k” Synology platforms (DS415+ and DS414j NAS models)

Various bug fixes and improvements

Full list of the new features and bug fixes can be found at the following link.

DVBLink TV Adviser

DVBLink TV Adviser products make it easier to find the TV programs that you like – they provide EPG information and personalised TV recommendations for your favourite TV channels.

At the launch time there are two regional flavours of the DVBLink TV Adviser products available:

DVBLink TV Adviser (DE, AT, CH), which serves EPG information and TV recommendations for 130+ channels, broadcast in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DVBLink TV Adviser (GB), which serves EPG information and TV recommendations for 280+ channels, broadcast in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Product key features:

Comprehensive TV program metadata with the availability of up to two weeks in advance.

Suggestions for programs, which are similar to some specific program.

TV recommendation profiles, which can be tuned to user’s personal tastes by liking or disliking TV programs.

Subscription-based, with available subscription periods of 3 (10 euro) and 12 months (25 euro).


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