We know Windows 10 is going to add support for MKV containers for video playback (to what degree we don’t know yet) and it looks like Microsoft are adding support for another enthusiast favourite: FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

FLAC is an open royalty free lossless compression format that many enthusiasts use to rip audio into and at the moment you need either a 3rd party media player or have install a codec onto your system for it to play. That is set to change with Windows 10 as shown off by Gabriel Aul from the Windows Insiders team on Twitter.

“Keen eyed #WindowsInsiders will notice something cool about this pic. Something to look forward to in the new year!”

The picture shows Windows Player playing FLAC format tracks, it could be that it is only playback that is support or it could be ripping and playback will work. Either way it’s good to see and I except we will see for ourselves in the New Year. This is a topic I talked about with Andrew Van Till on this week’s TDL show that will be out tomorrow morning.



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