Sonos PLAY:1

Sonos have a beta version of Sonos 5.2 for Mac and PC. The main new feature in the new version is support for multiple user accounts on a music service, so I could have my personalised Google Play Music account connected along with my wife’s Google Music account which has her own set of music and then have access to both collections via Sonos.

The update also improves the PLAYBAR music experience as it has better stereo imaging along with updated EQ and volume balance. You can also search across all music sources including songs stored on your local device.

The release version of Sonos 5.2 will be available later this year and you can try the beta version now from

One thought on “Sonos desktop app 5.2 beta adds multi-account music service support and PLAYBAR enhancements”
  1. Where’s the desktop app 5.2 beta? All I can see in the beta downloads section are Sonos Controller for iOS Devices and Sonos Controller for Android.

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