The 3rd party app for accessing Google Play Music on Windows Outcoldplayer has been updated. Version 4.1 adds a refresh radio button which refreshes the radio playlist with a new set of songs. There is also a current queue button on the toolbar and a fix to the backspace button to navigate back when a user is typing in a search box.

The app supports offline playback and all-access subscriptions so you get all of the Google Play Music features on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

If you use Google Play Music and a Windows device this is a great app and well worth £2.59 from the Windows Store.


## 11/15/2014 – Version 4.1

### New features

* Add “refresh radio” button on radio view to start radio with fresh list of songs.
* Add “current queue” toolbar button.

### Bugs

* Backspace button can navigate back when user is typing in search box.

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