Raspberry Pi

The OpenELEC team have released the first beta of OpenELEC 5.0. This release is going to include the switch from XBMC branding to Kodi (the new name for XBMC) and includes Kodi 14 Helix which has a lot of new features (see my post). Other changes include v3.17 of the Linux kernel, a switch from OpenSSL to LibreSSL and there is a change to the supported platforms. The original Apple TV (silver) will no longer be supported due to some of the driver changes in OpenELEC and Kodi, so if you are using XBMC on the old Apple TV you are going to want to stay with v4.2.

The development team strongly advise you to make a backup of your XBMC data and perform a manual update. You can get the new build from the OpenELEC download page.


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