Media Browser is a great system for hosting all your media on your home network and then accessing via DLNA, the browser or one of their mobile apps. If you want to access your content from outside your network in the past it has been pretty tricky to get setup but thanks to a new feature of Media Browser it just got really easy.

Media Browser Connect is a new feature that links up your home install with a central username and password and then it’s really easy to access your content from over the internet. All you have to do is link your Media Browser account with a Media Browser forum account and then you are set to go. Also with the new system you can also share you content with your friends via their Media Browser account. The developers of the Media Browser apps are adding the new Connect functionality to the their apps so will be able to view your content on them over the internet.

It’s a great idea and makes it Media Browser well worth installing on your network.

Read more about it on the Media Browser Forums and we are planning to have a Media Browser Podcast special very soon.

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