New VLC for Windows

The long saga of VLC on modern Windows continues with an update for the x86 version of VLC for Windows but still no ARM or Windows Phone version. The update for the Intel version does include some nice changes. The user interface has been redesigned with a new sleeker look, it has a light coloured UI with pivots for home, videos, music, external storage and DLNA servers. The app performance has been vastly improved and in preparation of the Windows Phone version the app is now Windows 8.1 only. Under the hood the changes include a new libVLC 2.2.0 core, use of Winsock for networking instead of WinRTsock and move the interface code to Universal to prepare Windows Phone 8.1 port.

As I said earlier this release is still Intel only so you can’t run it on a Surface yet but they are working on it. You will find the app in the Windows Store and I have tested it with Windows 10 and it seems to work fine.


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