We have come to be totally dependent on WiFi and having a dead spot in my house without service can put me into a cold sweat. I have tried a few different solutions over the past few years and the one I am testing in this video is a high performance devices for Netgear that is bigger and faster than any I have tested in the past.

Many of the range extenders I have used in the past are a wall wart type that plug into the main socket and just have a small range extension. The AC1200 High Power WiFi Range Extender (EX6200) looks like a typical router with dual aerials, 5 LAN ports and USB host, so it doesn’t just do range extending but it can also be used as a switch and USB host for sharing things like USB hard drives. Another difference is it actually creates two new networks and not just rebroadcasting your current network.
The setup is simple you can use WPS and the extender will automatically pair with your router or you can manually scan for a network and enter your WiFi password. Once you have done that you can place the WiFi Extender on the edge of your current network range and it will then give you much larger range for your network. As you can see from the video the range of my network was increase considerably using the extender and you get the advantage of being able to share a USB device and connect up devices via the LAN ports. Take a look at the video where I connect up and test the Extender.

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  1. Hi Ian;
    How does the fact you now have 2 networks work with things like UPnP? Things like WHS backups fall over if there is no UPnP…..



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