The October update for the Xbox One updated the Media Player Preview app adding DLNA playback capabilities to the app. The Media Browser developers have shown off how you can use DLNA to watch content stored on your Media Browser server on the Xbox One.

Via DLNA you can browse and watch your media collection on the Xbox One and use the Xbox controller, Kinect or the Xbox One remote control to control the playback. From the look of the video demo it seems a nice solution while there is no dedicated Media Browser app for the Xbox One. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy any special app or client for it to work, you just need Media Browser server up and running on your network.

Here is the demo the Media Browser guys recorded:

2 thoughts on “Using Media Browser on the Xbox One with DLNA”
  1. If your server happens to be on a different network, using Internet Explorer as a client on the Xbox One to Media Browser’s web interface has worked pretty well since day one. (Plex’s web interface worked similarly, until you tried to watch a movie.)

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