Windows Media Center users depend on the quality of the EPG data coming from Microsoft into the system but unfortunately the annual EPG problem has returned. For the last few years at the end of October the UK EPG data disappears for it to return at the eleventh hour. The problem seems to be related to the clocks going back at the end of British Sumer Time October 25th with the guide data running out on that day. Last year Microsoft said they had a permanent fix for the problem but doesn’t seem to be the case.

Hopefully Microsoft get it resolved so we can get our guide data back and you can vote up the issue on the Microsoft Connect site. I noticed that the problem doesn’t effect the EPG data on the OneGuide on the Xbox One.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in.

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      1. Thanks Ian. Seems I was logged in with the wrong account. You need to sign in with an account that has been approved for registering media center issues on Microsoft Connect, as opposed to just any old MSN account.

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