Today Plex have announced they are releasing Plex clients for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. So far Microsoft have been keeping very tight control of the apps it lets on to the Xbox One and Plex is the first 3rd party media player app for the console. Plex for Xbox will support voice and gesture controls with Kinect and will enable you to watch or listen to content from Plex Media Server on the Xbox. Plex is a media server system with clients for Android, iOS, Windows, Chromecast and many embedded devices. It’s a great system for building with your own collection of media and then you can consume the content via the range of Plex apps, the Xbox One app makes the games console much more attractive for media enthusiasts with their own media collections. Microsoft recently added DLNA support to its own media app and I would love to see more media apps on the Xbox One especially Media Browser. When the Xbox One was announced Microsoft promised it would be the one devices we would have connected to our TV for games and media and it seems Microsoft are slowly getting closer and closer to that vision.

Plex Media Server is free but use the Xbox One app you either need a Plex Plass premium subscription or buy the app as a onetime purchase. The app is available from today on the Xbox One and will be released soon for the Xbox 360. You can read all about it on the Plex Blog.

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