Over the last few months I have become a convert to Plex Media Server and its streaming apps. The Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps have just been updated adding some new features and plenty of fixes.

The universal Windows app is up to and has new View mode for selecting between OnDeck, Folder, Recently added and viewed. Play queues have a new management options, you can multi-select items to add to queues and you can reorder video queues. There are also fixes for video playback and controller issues.

You can find the Windows version in the Windows Store and the Windows Phone version in Windows Phone Store.


– (UI) New Movie library views: OnDeck, Folder, Recently Added/Released/Viewed
– (UI) New Music library views: Album, Track, Folder, Recently Added
– (UI) New Show library views: OnDeck, Folder, Recently Added/Aired/Viewed
– (PlayQueues) Multi-selecting items to play or add to up next
– (PlayQueues) Reorder video PlayQueues using drag and drop
– (Music) Swiping album art up or down skips to the next or previous track

– (Music) Double-navigation when selecting a track with a keyboard or remote control
– (Music) Navigate to artist and album page from music player
– (Sync) Unable to reset storage location when external storage is unavailable
– (Video) “No server available to transcode” errors when resuming
– (Video) Fall back to full transcode if first playback fails
– (Video) Request a transcode for AAC main profile audio
– (Controller) ‘Now Playing’ popup for selected player wasn’t working when controlling PHT
– (Controller) Interface could stop updating when controlling a remote music player
– (Controller) Don’t send a localhost address to players when using a server on the same machine
– (Controller) Restarting a video would result in a resume on the player
– (UI) Filters containing certain characters (e.g. “nl/12”) didn’t work as expected
– (UI) A number of fixes for snapped page views
– (UI) Aligned Now Playing and selected player popup look and feel
– A number of user-reported crashes


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