There is a new version of My Movies for Windows ready for downloading. Version 5.12 Pre Release 1 has support for external Media Players which you can use it as an alternative to ArcSoft TotalMedia Theartre (which has been discontinued). You can configure My Movies to use an external player for some task and for special situations like 3D Blurays use and ArcSoft TMT or Cyberlink’s PowerDVD. With external players you can jump directly to DVD chapters so you could open a specific episode of a TV series. It can even use the My Movies metadata for external media players that don’t support Bluray menus.

There are a lot of other changes in it to but don’t forget this is a pre-release build. The download can be found on the My Movies download page.

Full release notes:

Added: Title list icons for boxsets.
Added: Option to show all languages when viewing posters and banners for TV Series and Movies.
Added: Support for Media Player Classic – BE in external players.
Added: External players how have a separate configuration for Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, in case you want to use perhaps ArcSoft TMT or Cyberlink PowerDVD for Blu-ray 3D, and other players such as MPC-HC for ordinary Blu-ray titles.
Added: The external player configurations now supports direct launch of DVD chapters, allowing for support for direct launch of TV Series on DVD episodes in external players that supports it.
Added: The external player configurations now supports direct launch of Blu-ray BDMV folder MPLS files, allowing for support for direct launch of TV Series on Blu-ray episodes in external players that supports it, and for using My Movies’ meta-data to determine the main movie before playback in players not supporting menu’s.
Added: The software now prompts the user if they would like to register hotkey changes for MPC-HC and MPC-BE, so that they can be used with Windows Media Center remotes and the My Movies mobile application remotes.
Added: Extended handling of Media Player Home Classic and Media Player Classic BC, allowing them to be used for stop and resume.
Added: Support for KPC packages of MPC HC and MPC BE as external player.
Added: Settings option to disable Windows Media Centers autoplay, for better handling of image files and inserted discs.
Added: Prompt for Play or Copy settings option in relation to disabling Windows Media Center autoplay.
Added: Preview option using MPC HC in Collection Management, allowing for easier tagging of DVD and Blu-ray titles.
Added: Filter functions for media type, mastered in 4k, cover type, chapters/episodes read, credits end start specified.

Fix: The new cover type and mastered in 4K options was not part of the preview.
Fix: MPC-HC was not marked to support BDMV and recorded tv files in external player settings.
Fix: Folder monitoring could keep checking a directory, if it was renamed between an event coming in from it, and monitoring being ready to check it.
Fix: The invalid path check in optimize database could in some situations re-occur with the same message, without being able to correct it.
Fix: The sort order was not stored correct when sorting the three list in Collection Management.
Fix: The title was used when creating set informations in XBMC – instead the sort title is used now.
Fix: European air dates could cause a storage problem when generating TV Series meta-data for XBMC.
Fix: In specific circumstances the reading of a date could fail, when the user was using regional settings that couldn’t be parsed as US dates.
Fix: Contribution of production countries for movies could send localized country names causing the contribution to fail on the server.
Fix: On some Blu-ray discs the reading of the chapter durations wasn’t corrent.
Fix: Issue with reset collection numbers, that could lead to incorrect numbering.
Fix: Issue with XBMC meta-data storage, where a title having one disc with both side a and b online was not joined into a set.
Fix: Incorrect message about upgrade on client machine.

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