Surface Type Cover 2

Ever since Microsoft dropped the “devices and services” mantra earlier this year there have been questions over Microsoft’s commitment to the Surface devices. This combined with the massive write down taken for the original Surface there are many that think the Surface Pro 3 would be the end of the line for Microsoft’s own PC range. In a blog post on the Surface Blog today Microsoft have made a clear commitment to the Surface for business.

The post confirms that the Surface Pro 3 will be upgradable to Windows 10 (no surprise there) when it’s released and that Surface Pro 3 accessories will be compatible with the next generation of the Pro line of Surface. So that means the Surface Pro 3 Type Covers, power adapters, Ethernet adapter and Docking Station will work with the next Surface (Surface Pro 4 or whether it’s called). Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is quoted on the blog saying “Microsoft is putting its full and sustained support behind the ongoing Surface program as one of a number of great hardware choices for businesses large and small.”

In other words the Surface Pro is here to stay and businesses are safe to invest into the ecosystem. It seems with the Surface Pro 3 Microsoft have hit a winning formula for the Surface, I know many non-techies looking at the Surface Pro 3 to replace their laptop as well as developers and IT Pros.

What isn’t mentioned in the post is the story for consumers and what the future of the ARM powered Surface range will be. I love my Surface 2 and am writing this blog post on it now but it hasn’t been a best seller. There have been rumors of Microsoft killing the ARM devices and counter rumors of a new Surface in the works, Microsoft haven’t given any indications either way. I have noticed that all the versions of the Surface 2 have sold out on Microsoft’s UK store which is normally a sign that a new device is on the way so maybe we are close to a new ARM Surface 3 being launched. I would have thought any new device would have to wait for the release of Windows 10 with its combined tablet and phone UI so the timing for a release this month may be wrong.

So the future of the Intel powered Surface for business seems safe for now there are still many questions over the consumer ARM powered device.

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