EE to launch a TV streaming set top box

It looks like there is another set top box vying for our TVs HDMI port and this one is from UK phone operator EE. Their new service is an EE TV box which is a DVR with Freeview HD recording (4 DVB-T2 tuners and 1TB hard drive) and broadband TV streaming from BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Wuaki and The Box+. What makes this different from other set top boxes is it’s built in multiroom streaming, you can watch live or recorded on up to three tablets or phones using the 4 tuners. The phone or tablet app will also work as a remote control for the box so you can pause, rewind and record from the app.

If you are an EE Broadband subscriber the box will be free and you can register your interest on EE’s site. I guess if you don’t have a TV service like Sky or a Freeview HD box then it could be an interesting service.

Thanks to Jason for the link.

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