It has been a while since Xbian have had a release of their XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi and now they have a new release. This release has an updated build of XBMC (13.2), it has support for the Raspberry Pi B+, support for XBMC Alsa and HifiBerry sound, and there are additional languages available. They have even managed to reduce the image footprint and you can get the download from the XBian site.

XBian are proud to release XBian Release Candidate 3. The last three months the XBian team has not added any new features, but focussed on fixing any bugs our there. Only the unstable Debian apt repository is currently keeping us from releasing Stable 1.0.


Updated to XBMC 13.2

Raspberry Pi B+ support

Experimental XBMC Alsa support

Support for the HifiBerry sound card.

Additional language support (10+ now).

Already pre-tested for Debian Jessie (next Debian release).

Even smaller image footprint.

You can download XBian 1.0 Release Candidate 3 in our Download section

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