If you want to use XBMC as your TV client to your DVBLink server you need to use the DVBLink XBMC PVR addon for XBMC. The addin has been updated has it now has series recording features, it fixes transcoding issues, fixes recording interruptions and fixes problems caused by the DVBLink server not running at startup. With the addin you can watch live TV, schedule recordings and browse the TV EPG.

UPDATE: This has only been tested with version 5 of the DVBLink Server and there are reports of it not working with version 4.6.0 of the DVBLink Server

You can get the addon from the DVBLogic forums and you can read about my experiences with the addin running on a Raspberry Pi here.

Version of the DVBLink XBMC PVR addon for XBMC 13.x Gotham is available for download.

What is new/fixed:
Fixed: transcoded live TV streaming
Added: Series recording capabilities
Fixed: interrupted playback of the recording, which is still being recorded
Fixed: single and recurring manual recordings
Added: display of episode name and number in recordings list
Fixed: no channels/recordings if DVBLink server is not available during xbmc start-up

The new version of the addon can be downloaded from our forums.

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