Raspberry Pi

After 6 months of testing the release version of OpenELEC 4.2.0 is available for downloading. The embedded version of XBMC uses the an updated Linux Kernel (3.16), it has an updated Nvidia graphics driver in the 64 bit image and the latest version of XBMC (Gotham 13.2). H264(HEVC) and Dolby Atmos are supported and there is a new MMC/SDCard driver for the Raspberry Pi.

This release will be the basis for the OpenELEC-5.0 release series which is planned for later this year with Kodi-14.

Full release notes and the download available on OpenELEC.TV


  • OpenELEC-4.2 is now based on Kernel linux-3.16, Mesa-10.3, llvm-3.5 and Xorg-1.16.
  • We updated the Nvidia Graphic drivers in the 64-bit image to 340.x (32-bit remains on 304.123), systemd to systemd-216, our Connectionmanager to connman-1.25 and XBMC to XBMC Gotham 13.2.
  • We switched our libc from eglibc to glibc, upgraded to glibc-2.20 and binutils-2.24.
  • We added support for nss-mdns, support to perform filesystem checks on every boot for our both default system partitions and ffmpeg-2.4 to our x86 builds. With switching to ffmpeg-2.4 on our x86 builds we now support h265(HEVC) and Dolby Atmos.
  • OpenELEC 4.2 includes a new MMC/SDCard driver for RaspberryPi. This is now the default sdcard driver. It should avoid some of the issues of the old driver, like polling with interrupts disabled, and could improve performance and avoid interfering with other drivers (e.g. USB or LIRC).
  • OpenELEC now uses the PSTATE CPU scaling driver for Intel Systems and includes drivers for more hardware like DVB devices and WLAN adapters.

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