The My Movies team have a new version of the iOS version of the My Movies app in the works and on their Facebook page they have outlined some of the changes to the app. The app is going to be a new application and not an update to the current version so that means you will be buying a new app but to mitigate that the app will come with a lower price introduction price.

The app will have a new look user interface that will look more like iOS 7 and iOS 8 and there will be a new Movie and TV Series profile in the app just like the Windows version of My Movies. You will be also be able to track digital downloads from iTunes, Amazon etc and you can track movies and TV shows watched on streaming services like Netflix. So you can keep track what you have watched no matter where you have watched it.

Chromecast devices will be supported by working with the My Movies 5 for Windows movies converter and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will be natively supported. There are many other changes and the My Movies team talking are asking for feedback on their Facebook page.

– The 2.0 application will be a new application, and not an upgrade to the existing applications. To provide quality applications, it is not economically possible to continue to provide free upgrades for apps purchased three years ago.

– Apple unfortunately does not allow for an upgrade price, meaning that the new application will be a new purchase for everyone. Due to this, we will release the application with a lower introduction price, allowing existing users to upgrade at a lower cost.

– The 2.0 application will be universal for iPhone and iPad, meaning also that it will have a higher price point than the current application, which is a separate purchase for iPhone and iPad. The exact price have not yet been determined.

– The existing applications will no longer be further developed, but will surely continue to operate as they do now. They will be re-visited in case changes occurs in iOS, causing the application to malfunction.

– The 2.0 application will come with a fully re-designed interface, which will be much more compliant with the looks of iOS 7 and iOS 8. There will be an option to choose between a black layout or a white layout.

– Your existing collection will naturally transfer to the 2.0 application just by logging into the application, and letting it synchronize your data.

– The 2.0 application will rename the current profile options to “Disc Title” profiles, and introduce new “Movies” and “TV Series” profiles. Movie and TV Series profiles on My Movies 5 on Windows will be available in the application.

– The new “Movie” profiles are introduced with intention of being able to track not only digital downloads, such as iTunes, Amazon VOD and similar, but it will also allow you to track watches in Cinema, on Netflix or similar.

– The new “TV Series” profiles will function both as a separate profile option, allowing you also to track watches on TV on Netflix, or in any other relation, but the “TV Series” features will also be used to be able to show extended data on TV Series profiles on disc where available, meaning episode lists and watched tracking on episodes.

– There will be new group options “Digital”, “Interested” and “Seen”, to be used to track digital downloads, track movies or tv series you are interested in, or have seen, in relation to trailers or watches in cinema and similar. Categories are still supported for personal grouping.

– There will be support for nested box sets of disc title profiles, allowing you to see boxes as a parent and child titles. It is required that the titles are created as box sets in our service.

– There will be support for playback on Google Chromecast devices when pairing the application with My Movies 5 for Windows, and it’s video converter function.

– The multi-scan functions for scanning disc titles have been significantly improved to be able to speed up the process of batch adding many titles.

– The application will be updated for the new screen sizes for iPhone 6 and 6+, in terms of not being “up-scaled”, but will feature native graphics resolutions for these devices. There will however at least initially not be special layout options for the 6+ device.

– The application will require iOS 7 or iOS 8. (Added based on comments)

Besides these, there are many improvements in several areas, but too small to mention here.

We would love to hear if you have any comments on this.

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