After 10 pre-release builds of My Movies for Windows the final version is available for downloading. My Movies 5.10 for Windows has a lot of small changes introduced since version 5. There is a new movie meta-data profile type so you are not restricted to tracking DVDs, Blu-rays or HD DVDs. You can now track digital downloads and content from streaming services, so you add a movie and mark it as Digital, Interested or Seen.

There are lots of changes to the meta-data handler for XBMC and new download options. There are also lots of fixes to the update, the complete list below and you can get the download from

My Movies for Windows 5.10

Added: New movie meta-data profile type, used for tracking media that is not specifically on DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD.
Added: Through the new movie data profile type, you can now select backdrops for disc titles inside Collection Management, or select your own.
Added: New groups to allow for tracking of digital media and watches in cinema: Digital, Interested, Seen.
Added: The export database to XML function have been updated, and now includes options to export TV Series, Movies and, all graphical parts used in the database.
Added: Toolbar button to store meta-data for the currently marked title.
Added: Option for adding a comment with each contribution to the service.
Added: Collection Numbers on TV Series
Added: Option to download all episodes in a season – right click menu.
Added: Group and categories can now be set when adding monitored folders.
Added: Copy and paste buttons for actor and crew lists.
Added: The “prompt” setting for the automatic disc copier have now been improved in Windows Media Center.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now contains a settings option to override NFO files created by other softwares than My Movies. Please enable if your NFO’s aren’t updating.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now includes the option of configuring clients that should have a library update request. Notice, this does not update meta-data on existing titles, only adds new (limitation of XBMC)
Added: The application now specifically blocks for usage of mapped network drives, which are not supported in My Movies 5.

Change: The image view dialog now shows the resolution of the image.
Change: Error message about reading sector x failed, now gives information that cause is likely dirty or scratched disc.
Change: Contribution encouragement for disc titles is no longer done through a popup message, but shown in the top of the profile in Collection Management instead. Just as it does with Movies and TV Series.
Change: Canadian parental rating values adjusted.
Change: AddExternalServerCredentials handles upper case vs. lower case in server name.
Change: External server credentials dialog now also contains credentials for configured folders.
Change: Meta-data storage have been moved, allowing it to cast notifications when storage failed.

Fix: Database restore could in some situations not upgrade the database, causing a log in issue after restoring.
Fix: Attempt to let refresh rate changer to produce an error when reverting refresh rates.
Fix: Ratings on disc titles was not handled correct. They displayed the global rating, and stored it as the users own rating when saving the title.
Fix: File existance checks was done in a dumb way, which could lead to issues such as file tagging problems when copying music.
Fix: Files that were read-only could not be picked up by monitoring.
Fix: After creating a new database, you were asked if you wanted to synchronize, but you can’t because you are not allowed to upload an empty collection.
Fix: Folder monitoring had problems in various situations with read-only files and root file shares.
Fix: IMDB import did not work on Home and Essentials Server
Fix: Flac file did not get meta-data added.
Fix: AnyDVD not running had a red error state, but it is with current implementation perfectly valid that it is not running until a disc is copied the first time after a reboot. Fix: AnyDVD is now restarted by the service user, after it has been updated, and the machine have been rebooted. Not doing this could leave the server in a state where it would not take in discs to copy.
Fix: TV Series episodes were not correctly coupled to mapped disc titles in some scenarios.
Fix: It was possible to make multi select in the search results when adding titles. This is now removed.
Fix: Playback from UNC paths could fail on Windows 7 Embedded, as it did not have a patch that Windows 7 SP1 had. This attempts to bring back some old code to correct that.
Fix: There were no messages sent if movie monitoring did not add a title because it existed as a duplicate.
Fix: Copy button in tray popup was displayed, even if disc copier was disabled.
Fix: Copy button in tray popup could overlap text. It have been moved.
Fix: Icon wasn’t changed for TV Episode when the episode was contributed.
Fix: Incorrect storage of a country could lead to country data resetting.
Fix: Filters created could due to parental control settings exclude some titles by default.
Fix: TV Series wasn’t registered in a group when added to the users collection.
Fix: If monitoring was disabled, and changes was made in folders, and it was later re-enabled, it did not run full initialization.
Fix: Import/monitoring of TV Series folders now ignores VIDEO_TS and BDMV/STREAM folders.
Fix: Copy disc status in Windows Media Center showed a starting date, when time should be plenty.
Fix: Minor check to ensure against an exception when database becomes unavailable.
Fix: Video converter storage path could be empty when re-opening settings dialog.
Fix: Adding a folder monitoring path could prompt for credentials twice.
Fix: Maximum 10 alerts are now sent for duplicate TV Serie episode files
Fix: Improvements to folder monitoring to better handle when devices becomes unavailable and then available again.
Fix: Various improvements to the login procedures for external storage devices.
Fix: To improve sync speed titlelist is no longer updated while doing download of collection.
Fix: Expand option disappeared for some disc titles in title list, when they were saved.
Fix: On collection download box sets are now shown as box sets in the title list instead of standalone titles.
Fix: Upgrade database call could throw an exception of DB server was unavailable.
Fix: Minor updates to external credentials log on, to ensure to retry failed connections better.
Fix: Reset collection numbers function could crash if database had some broken TV Series data.
Fix: Some titles did not have the correct title set passed to the video converter, meaning it processed largest file, and not the meta-data marked title.

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