Remember the rumoured Microsoft Miracast dongle we talked about a few weeks ago? At the time many people were hoping it would be a Chomecast competitor from Microsoft that would bring Microsoft’s services like Xbox Video to the TV. In my post I suspected it would be not a Chromecast killer and more of a screen mirroring device for Lumia devices “I suspect it’s more likely to just be a Miracast receiver that you can use to mirror your display”. Well it looks like my thought was right and the new device is Miracast screen sharing device for Lumia phones with the snappy name of “Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones – HD-10”.

The device streams a Lumia’s screen at 1080p and uses a NFC enabled pad to pair with the phone. The HD-10 connects to the TV via a HDMI cable and is powered by Micro-USB, while it’s banded as a Lumia device It should also work with any Miracast certified devices and not just Lumia phones. The HD-10 is priced at $79 USD / 79€ and is available in white or black starting later this month.


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