A few weeks Microsoft’s Mobile devices division announced an NFC enables Miracast dongle designed so you could project your Lumia phones screen to your TV and today Microsoft have announced another Miracast device. The one announced today is simpler than the phone orientated device, there is no NFC tag or anything like that you just plug the dongle into the back of your TV and then you can share your PC or phone’s screen with the TV using Miracast.

It is not as many people have been reporting a Chromecast competitor from Microsoft, it is really just about sharing your screen. Whereas with Chromecast you can start playback off from a PC or mobile device and then do something else with PC while playback continues on the Chromecast, Microsoft’s device is just about getting your devices screen up on the TV. So with the device and a Miracast enabled PC or tablet you can watch videos, listen to music and show your PowerPoint presentations on the TV. I don’t really see this as a home entertainment system or anything like that, it’s just a nice simple way of getting your PC, Tablet or Phone up on to a TV or projector.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is available for preorder in the US and released in October for $59.95. No details about worldwide availability.

Here is Microsoft’s promo video:

Via the Windows Blog

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