There is a new version of the Media Browser server available for download that has improvements to the transcoding features and better DLNA support. The new version has reduced CPU usage when transcoding as well as improved to the transcoding quality. DLNA reliability has been improved and it has support for special DLNA folders like favourites, Next Up and resume. There are various other improvements, full list below:

You can get the new version from

A new server release is available which features significant improvements to our transcoder in terms of performance, reliability and features. Without much further ado, here are the highlights:

Improved reliability and quality of video transcoding

A new transcoding throttling feature which will dramatically reduce cpu usage

Improved support for Advanced SubStation Alpha and SRT subtitles

Improved DLNA reliability

Added DLNA special folders

Added resume progress bars with DLNA images

Support webp image output for faster browsing

Support for additional photo metadata

Support for album disc sub-folders

Display mirror setting now remembered

Add an option to save metadata and images as hidden files

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