There video doing the rounds on Youtube showing off the new Windows 9 user interface. The video by German site Winfuture (I bet they are getting some traffic today) shows off the new Start Menu which is a kind of a hybrid between the old Windows 7 design and Windows 8’s start screen. The old style start menu is on the left and there is an area on the right for pinning Windows app so you get the live tiles alongside the old program lists. There is a search box where the Windows 7 search box and is used to be and the video shows Windows Store apps running in a Window something desktop users will want.

The Windows 8 style start menu is still around, there is the option to select which style of start screen you want. My initial impressions where it looked a bit of a fudge bringing the old and new together but after showing the video off to some Windows 7 users in my office it is probably a good way to bring Windows XP, Vista and 7 users to Windows 9. For people like me that like the start screen there is the option to retain this full screen design. From the rumours we have heard it sounds like tablets will get the Start Screen design and laptops and desktops will get the hybrid option, as long as the option to choose is built into the OS that should work ok.

We should get to see the UI for ourselves when the Technical Preview of Windows 9 arrives later this month. What do you think of the UI?

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