CloudMuzik for Windows Phone

I moved from Android to Windows Phone and one of the services I missed the most was Google Play Music. Google don’t make a Music app for Windows Phone (or any apps for that matter) but there are 3rd party apps that fill the gap. CloudMuzik is a Google Play Music app for Windows Phone and it’s just been updated. While they are still developing version 2 of the app which has a new UI (which is overdue) they have a minor update to the 1.5 release. The update fixes crashing issues when caching songs for offline playback and fixes minor issues with playback.

The app is a good solution for Windows Phone users but it does need a bit of refresh. The app costs £0.79 from the Windows Phone Store.

Version 1.5.10 features:

* Fix crashing on caching

* Minor fixes on playback


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