Whenever I come to put my devices on charge I always end up running out of sockets. My kids have their devices plugged in, my wife has her phone and then I have multiple devices so I seem to be endlessly swapping plugs around. This is a problem that could be fixed by the HooToo 4 Port charging station. It plugs into the mains and then gives you 5 USB ports for you to plug your devices into for charging. So you can change up an iPad, Windows Phone, Android phone and Windows tablets from a single mains plug. It a lightweight little box that saves a lot of swapping about.

It also has a feature that HooToo called OTG (On The Go) which acts as a USB host via an additional USB port. The idea is that you can plug in an external USB device like a hard drive or a camera and then access it from one of your devices. I tested it with a USB hard drive and a Toshiba Encore 8 tablet and it worked fine, it powered the hard drive and still charges the tablet. It it’s a handy feature to have and kind and again saves you swapping cables around.

The charging station costs £14.99 from Amazon

Here is my video review:

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