The great thing about having a tablet is that it goes where you go, out into the world. This opens up a whole realm of possibilities to take your creative space with you, in your pocket or the palm of your hand. With just a touch, you can be making music, producing art, engaging with great literature, and learning about new ideas. Choosing the best android tablet for your creative life is a simple matter of knowing what you need and what is available. Here are some things to consider when picking your next creative tool.

Size Matters

One of the things to consider in a portable creative tool is the size. While a big screen might give you a better view of some things, a larger tablet isn’t as convenient to carry, and weighs about twice what the smaller, 7 inch versions do. The weight can make a big difference when you’re holding the tablet for long periods of time, or when you’re carrying it in your bag all day. A smaller size is also less conspicuous when you’re commuting or simply exploring around a new place, and want to use your GPS or other features. In particular, a smaller tablet is more comfortable to hold, whether you’re reading or searching for information, because it fits nicely into the palm of your hand, leaving your other hand free to type or swipe as needed.

Easily Take Your Music With You

Thanks to the light-weight portability of smaller tablets, taking your entire music library with you is as easy as putting it into your pocket. Music enhances both physical and mental health, so having access to your own tunes at a moment’s notice can make a difficult day into a beautiful one. The ability to share your music with those around you and enhance their lives makes it even sweeter. The benefit of having a tablet that’s separate from your phone is that the music doesn’t have to stop when you take a phone call or need to answer a text. A pocket-sized tablet also makes it easier to utilize while you’re waiting for the bus or on the train and put together a new mix for your next event, or simply a relaxing playlist for when you unwind later in the day.

Have a Gallery Buddy in the Palm of Your Hand

The world’s art galleries are putting exhibit information online. Many of them have online gallery guides and tours you can use while you’re visiting to enhance your experience. With a pair of earbuds, a tablet like a NOOK can be your best friend in a museum, with in depth information on each of the pieces you view. As an interactive tool, you can dig deeper on anything that sparks your interest or inspires your own creativity, to learn about the artists and styles you see. You can easily move through the galleries at your own pace by using a tablet instead of a listening device, essentially carrying your very own docent everywhere you go. This also means anything you learn is available after you’ve left the museum, so you can take your knowledge and inspiration with you.

Complement Your Desktop Software

One of the best things about tablets is that many of them can complement your already existing desktop software to keep everything you create easily accessible and portable. Apps that are designed to work intuitively with other software makes creating that much simpler, and allows you to share anything you make across multiple platforms. The ability to take your work with you and still have it be compatible with your desktop helps to catch the spark of inspiration when it hits rather than waiting until you can get home. You can also take the seed of an idea you had at home and carry it out into the field with you to explore and experience at just a moment’s notice.

Art and Technology Are a Natural Match

Technology has always been a tool for artists, changing the way they create as the technology itself changes and advances. Exhibits featuring digital art are expanding all the time, and as the digital age gives us new ways to interact with art, it also gives us new ways to create. Having a tablet that can be a creative tool as well as a portal into an ever-growing and changing art world can help you connect in more interesting ways than in the past. Digital media like music and videos as well as painting and photography are all accessible no matter where you happen to be. Heading out into the city or into nature to capture all of the beauty or to dig deep and express the grit of life can be more about the journey of creation thanks to the easy portability of a tablet.

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