There is a new build of the pre-release version of My Movies for Windows 5.10. Pre-release 3 has a number of fixes including poster and backdrop image fixes, database restore issues and other minor changes.

The pre-release is open for users with 2500 points or more and you can give get the download and access the special forum on the My Movies site.


5.10 Pre Release 3:

Change: The image view dialog now shows the resolution of the image.

Fix: There was a problem reporting incorrect data for movie posters and backdrops.
Fix: Contribution history for movie images did not work correct.
Fix: Minor bugs with poster/backdrop selector not showing the right color on the imageframe.
Fix: Database restore could in some situations not upgrade the database, causing a log in issue after restoring.
Fix: Cache backdrop function made some calls that were no longer needed, and which could overwrite user selected images.
Fix: The image selector checked for moderator status too many times, causing a delay in getting images to appear.
Fix: Update Movie menu link was missing, but was still run when updating.

5.10 Pre Release 2:

There were some parts of the new movie features that were not visible, as they were not correctly inserted in all pages after having been hidden behind a specific registry setting during development.

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