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For Raspberry Pi users there is a new version of Raspmbc the customised distribution of XBMC for the Pi. The August update includes the latest XBMC build (13.2 Gotham) which has includes audio fixes, an updated PVR add-on and many bug fixes (see my post). There are also changes to Raspbmc, fixes for audio sync issues, fixes for JPEG crashing issues and fixes for PVR addons not be available in the previous build.

XBMC is to be renamed to Kodi starting with the next release and Raspmbc is to be replaced by OSMC (Open Source Media Center) which will run on many devices as well as the Raspberry Pi. The developer says that Raspbmc will be maintained until the end of the year.

To get the updated just reboot the Raspberry Pi.

Via raspmbc.com

One thought on “Raspbmc August Update for the Raspberry Pi adds XBMC 13.2 Gotham”
  1. If you have the Pi2 you can no longer use the Raspbmc. It warns you of incompatibility and will not boot. You must load the OSMC.

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