My Movies users have a new build of My Movies 5.10 to try. Pre-release 4 is available for My Movies users with 2500 or more points and has updated XML database features so you can export TV series, movies and graphic info. There are also new grouping options and a ton of bug fixes.

The pre-release is open for users with 2500 points or more and you can give get the download and access the special forum on the My Movies site.

5.10 Pre Release 4:

Added: The export database to XML function have been updated, and now includes options to export TV Series, Movies and, all graphical parts used in the database.
Added: Check for missing movies for disc titles with IMDB set. The check is done on update of all disc titles.
Added: New groups to allow for tracking of digital media and watches in cinema: Digital, Interested, Seen.

Change: Settings on how to display movie and tv series discs are displayed in WMC.

Fix: Files that were read-only could not be picked up by monitoring.
Fix: Update of movie profiles had some errors that could break the movie.
Fix: Changing the IMDB id on a disc title, will update its movie connection.
Fix: File existance checks was done in a dumb way, which could lead to issues such as file tagging problems when copying music.
Fix: Ratings on disc titles was not handled correct. They displayed the global rating, and stored it as the users own rating when saving the title.
Fix: Movie connection is now updated on disc titles when a disc title is saved, if it is relevant to update it.
Fix: Some data and icons were not updated correctly after contribution of a new movie.
Fix: Change og country or language on not contributed movies, will now leave the data in the fields, and not try and download data.
Fix: Bug with box set contributions made all contributions seems as if the box set content had changed.
Fix: Copy of disc titles with connected movies didn’t work correctly.
Fix: Attempt to let refresh rate changer to produce an error when reverting refresh rates

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