The My Movies team have a pre release of the next version of My Movies available for testing. My Movies 5.10 has a new generic movie profile that removes the dependency on disc titles. This means you can add digital downloads and older media like VHS tapes and LaserDisc without barcodes, this should make it a lot more flexible when it comes to building up your collection.

The pre release is open for users with 2500 points or more and you can give get the download and access the special forum on the My Movies site.


Welcome to the Pre Release of My Movies 5.10.

My Movies 5.10 introduces support for generic movie profiles in My Movies, a feature that was originally planned for My Movies 5, but was postposed to be able to deliver the My Movies 5 software package quicker.

With the introduction of generic movie profiles, we are adding a third meta-data offering to our service, so that there are now Disc Titles (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD), Movies and TV Series.

The purpose of introducing movie profiles are to provide better support for users content that are not specifically on disc titles, such as digital downloads, but it can also be used to track older media such as VHS, LaserDisc and similar, but without support for barcodes.

The Pre Release is initially being opened for users with 2500 points, for the purpose of limiting incoming feedback to a level that we can handle.

We have created a forum specifically for the My Movies 5.10 Pre Release, allowing you to report issues, post requests or discuss the release in general. You can find this forum here.

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