Google Play Music on iOS

Google Play Music is a great music service for Android user and iOS users aren’t left completely out in the cold as there is an official Google Play Music for the iPhone. The app has just been updated up to version and it has the ability to remove music from your library via the app, navigate to your music from the download manager and library management has been improved.

The app is still iPhone only and you have to run it in x2 mode on an iPad. I will probably end up cancelling my Google Play Music subscription as they don’t support Windows Phone but for iOS and Android users it is a very good service.

What’s New in Version

– You can now remove from your library
– Thumbs up playlist sorted in reverse chronological order
– Navigate to your music from the Manage Downloads space
– Improved library management with fewer duplicates
– Improved playback to address skipping issues
– More accessibility features

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