BubbleUPnP the DLNA and Chromecasting app for Android has been updated once again. The app has a new grid view of albums, videos and images as well as a folder for local media (stored on the Android device). There are also fixes for Google Drive and Google Music syncing as well Yamaha RX-V fixes.

The app is great for streaming content from your phone or devices on your network to DLNA servers or Chormcast. You can find the app in the Google Play Store.

What’s New

– added grid view of Library items for album, video and image folders

– added local media server folder: Video > [All Videos]

– fixed failure to convert some srt subtitles for Chromecast usage

– fixed Google Drive renamed files always displayed with their original filename

– fixed failure to sync Google Music playlists

– fixed retoring shuffle/repeat state on app startup

– fixed some Yamaha RX-V models not always playing FLAC

– fixed obscure crashes

– other fixes

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