Next week is IFA the big consumer electronics show in Berlin and Archos have started early by announcing new Windows Phones and a Windows tablet. The Archos 40 Cesium is a 4 inch Windows Phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core processor and comes with the choice of coloured back (yellow, blue and black). At £79 it looks like a competitor for the low end Lumia devices.

ARCHOS 40 Cesium Smartphone –

The powerful and affordable smartphone features Windows Phone 8.1 operating system and enjoys an ultra-clear 4-inch screen. Available in September for only £79, the ARCHOS 40 Cesium is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core processor and comes with three coloured back cases – yellow, blue and black.

Also announced is the ARCHOS 80 Cesium tablet which is a Windows 8.1 tablet with an 8 inch UPS screen running 1280×800 and an Intel Quad Core processor. The interesting thing about the tablet is the £129 price tag, I expect this is taking advantage of the reduced hardware requirements of Windows 8.1 and I suspect it will have 1GB of RAM and 16GB drive. It is going to interesting to see how good an experience Windows 8.1 actually is for that spec and we should be more details next week.

ARCHOS 80 Cesium, the ideal Windows 8.1 tablet, showcases an 8-inch IPS screen with 1280×800 resolution and is run by an Intel Quad Core processor. Available in October for only £129, ARCHOS 80 Cesium perfectly blends quality and affordability, and replicates the user experience of your desktop on the go.


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