Xbox Music on Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft continue to update the Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music and Xbox Videos apps. This week the sixth updates for the Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music has been released and it contains stability improvements under poor connectivity conditions, improved download error handling and Microsoft say there are over 70 bug fixes. One interesting feature is that the app will update your collection in the background from the flash or SD storage while the phone is on charge. (via xbox music uservoice)

July 2, 2014

Improvements to how the app behaves under poor connectivity conditions.

Improved download error handling so that messages are less frequent and more clear.

When your phone is charging, the app will update your collection from the flash or SD card in the background.

Addressed 70 functional bugs. A few notable issues we fixed:

Unexpected playlist/playlist item duplications appearing.

Downloads not resuming after a network connection was lost and regained.

Purchased songs appearing twice in the collection.

Showing “looking for music” when nothing had changed.

The Xbox Video app just has a couple of bug fixes (via xbox video uservoice)

The update (version on Windows Phone 8 and on Windows Phone 8.1) fixes two issues:

In some cases rental expiration notifications showed an incorrect countdown.

Some customers saw the error “This content is currently unavailable for streaming. Please download to your device to view.” when playing back owned movies or TV episodes.

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