You may have all your music stored but if you are sat out in the garden you don’t want to have to listen to it on the little phone speaker and this is where the BoomBrick comes in. The BoomBrick is a Bluetooth speaker that delivers a pretty impressive sound in a portable package. The box has two 3W drivers in a 180 x 65 x 48mm package, it has a 1200mAh rechargeable battery which should last about 8 hours with a three hour charge time. As well as Bluetooth there is a 3.5mm jack for connecting to devices without Bluetooth and comes with a charging and audio cable.

I paired it up with my Nexus 5 phone and was impressed with the sound quality, for a small device it has a decent volume range with a good bass response and it doesn’t distort even at full volume. There are volume controls on the device as well as transport control so you can go back and forward in a playlist. It also have a handsfree call mode so you can use it for taking phone calls or using with Skype.


If you want a complete whole home solution you should look at a Sonos system but for £34 the BoomBrick gives you a great sounding device that is easy to setup and would be pretty handy to have out in the garden over the summer.

More info at and here is my quick look at the speaker.

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