He have a packed show for you this week as we talk about Xbox Music and we question Microsoft’s commitment to their media servers, we talk new Lumia phones, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Google support of Windows Phone, lockscreen beta and lots more.

Come and join us for our meetup October 18th at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. You can meet up with likeminded tech enthusiasts to talk Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, home automation, Android, iOS, Mac, Raspberry Pi and more and we have a great venue this year: The fantastic Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. You can bring something to show off or just enjoy the chat and then take a walk around the museum. We will also be recording a live edition of The Digital Lifestyle Show which we want you to be a part of. The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge is a fascinating place with many computers you will remember from the past and some you won’t. To book your free ticket and find out more go to our event page.

I also want to thank Vidabox for their support of the show, Vidabox will be helping us bring together some interesting new videos showing media servers integrated into our digital lifestyle. Vidabox have a great range of media server, media players, iPad mounts and HTPC accessories. I really appreciate their support of the show so please check out

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Listen Here (download mp3) – Watch recording of the show on Youtube

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