Raspberry Pi

One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is the community build distributions for it and Raspbmc is a great one that is built around XBMC. The July update for Raspbmc has been released and it has a number of improvements this month. There is a fix for the installer on the new Model B+ Raspberry Pi, performance improvements for the Raspberry Pi models with 256mb, better buffer handling and a few other fixes.

To get the update just reboot your Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc, more details at Raspbmc.com.

  • Fix an issue with the installer on new Model B+ Pis
  • Improve performance for Raspberry Pis with 256MB RAM
    • Default to 720p resolution by default
    • Better buffer handling for these Pis
    • Reserve less memory for kernel
    • Use larger swap file
    • Reserve less memory for GPU
  • Fix a race condition which can occur when loading HiFiBerry and iqAudio sound card modules
  • Improvements to buffer handling
  • Fix for an issue where playing audio can cause the device to reboot
  • Add option for Model B+ devices to boost USB current in Raspbmc Settings (this is useful if you wish to power an external hard drive).
  • Performance improvements by reducing XBMC binary size

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