DVBLogic have added support for DVBSky S960CI tuner to the new version of DVBLink TVSource for NAS platform. The tuner has a CI slot so you can use it to watch premium Pay TV satellite channels with a CA module and subscription card.Synology, Western Digital, QNAP, NETGEAR and ASUSTOR NAS devices are all supported.The update also fixes issues with the Octopus.NET tuner

The latest build of DVBLink TVSource for NAS platform adds support for DVBSky S960CI tuner. This tuner is equipped with a CI slot, which, in combination with CA module and a valid subscription card, allows watching and recording PayTV satellite channels on all supported NAS platforms: Synology, Western Digital, QNAP, NETGEAR and ASUSTOR.

After DVBLink TVSource update, please do not forget to reboot a NAS for the new tuner drivers to become effective.

This new DVBLink TVSource build also fixes Octopus.NET tuner discovery issue on all supported platforms.

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