Media Browser users will be pleased to see that there is a new version of the Media Browser server software ready for downloading. Version 3.0.5231 has some minor fixes in it before the next version “will have something big”.

Here are the changes (via and I can’t wait to see what is coming up next.

This is a small bug fix released designed to resolve a few issues that were introduced with the previous release. Among the fixes are:

Degraded performance when retrieving lists of music artists

OpenSubtitle password encryption errors in Linux

Windows service repeatedly reporting new version available

Windows service startup fixes (thanks to simpleimplement-e for the pull requests)

Web client backdrop setting not saving

Custom order for image extractor not saving

There are also a couple of enhancements:

Port 8945 no longer needed (all operating systems. this was previously a requirement with windows 7, linux and OSX).

Added album artist saving to music album nfo’s.

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