Many of my Windows devices only come with one USB port which is a real pain when you want to plug in your phone, a hard drive and other devices. Inateck’s have a nice solution for this, it’s a portable USB hub is designed to give you more ports in a small package. The 4 Port USB hub is a USB 3.0 compliant hub that doesn’t require any external power which is very handy on the go but it does mean you are not going to want to plug in to many power hungry devices at the same time, you will probably get away with two external hard drives. It comes with a built in MicroUSB adaptor which is very handy for devices like Toshiba’s Encore 8 tablet which only has a single MicroUSB port.
I tested it with my Surface 2 and had it transferring files from a USB drive while copying files to my phone and I was still getting decent transfer speeds. The other nice feature is the USB port on the top of the hub so if you have something with a chunky connector you can still plug other devices in via the ports on the front. It is compatible with USB 2, Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX and its small enough to carry around with you in your gadget bag. The USB Hub weights 120g and at around £14 on Amazon very worth having in your bag.

In this video I have a quick look at the USB hub and you can find out more info at

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